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Posted: Thursday, 30 September 2010.

When I first started Casper on the Gotcha Equine range he improved dramatically, but being the sceptical person that I can be I had to push the boundaries and test the theory out. My poor horse Casper was the guinea pig for my experiments. One thing I did that was invaluable in this process was to keep a diary of any changes and subsequent reactions, even if there was no reaction. I recorded what I did and then how he was to ride, or just general changes in behaviours. It is interesting to note that it takes Casper approximately three weeks to have a reaction to any changes.

I think I have finally learnt my lesson to leave Casper's supplements alone. The latest round of changes were that I reduced Casper's De-Tox from 10gms to 5gms right at the worst time of year - spring grasses. The reaction was that three weeks later Casper was back to his original problem of biting at himself. He had not done this for over four months. My advice is to find what dosage suits your horse and stick with it.

Why did I do the changes? Some of it was to test the products and if they truly did work, the other was to simply save a few dollars. Lucy was so right in that by trying to save a few dollars I have wasted so much more by Casper not being well enough for my lessons, so literally $70 down the drain as he just was terrible to ride. So that worked out to 2 x 1kg containers of De-Tox that I just threw out the window. Not only the money down the drain but I think Casper has been truly suffering in his health because I just had to experiment on him.

So I have promised Lucy that I won't change anything and have a darn good go at letting the products work their magic on Casper.

Leanne Aarts, Sydney, NSW.

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