William is Back!

Can move forward, calmly, head flick free and no itching.

Three years ago I bought my schoolmaster William, it was spring when I got him, he was a bit stubborn and evasive, but I thought he was just testing me as he was new, summer came and he was great, then Autumn and then later Spring hit in that year and I began having a lot of difficult rides, with even quite a few rears thrown in. He did not want to go forward at all so therefore when pushed he went up in the air, he was throwing his head continuously in the walk and trot, over Spring he was very alert, more spooky and sensitive to noise etc. On the lunge he would buck, spook and was just not his usual well mannered self. If that wasn't enough he was also super skin sensitive during spring, constantly wanting me to scratch him and scratching himself on his shed.

I went through all the saddle fitting, vets, chiro's, teeth, tried different powders, salt, magnesium etc to not much improvement, the vet diagnosed William with maybe acute rhinitis or a head flicker. I tried, nose masks, fly veils, riding at different times of day and weather but to no avail, he would throw his head in big circles whenever I asked for more forward.

As soon as the grass appeared in May it all started again, I really thought he was just being naughty from the sugar. I began to give up and even considered selling him on as just a trail riding horse as he was beginning to dislike arena work and no matter what, he just wouldn't go forward.

I put a post up on Facebook about his issues and a friend of mine told me about Lucy Prior and Gotcha Equine.
I got in touch with Lucy and we began discussing all of Williams problems, she came out and looked at my grass, hay, diet etc . We changed his diet, got rid of weeds etc, made him a dry yard and started him on the products, after a few weeks, he started to move more freely and didn't seem as unhappy when being ridden, it took about 8 weeks but he became my quiet happy summer riding horse again and no more itchy skin. I was advised by Lucy to give him at least a month off from any activity to allow his system to heal and the products to really take effect.

Recently I tried another supplement that the company told me was the cheaper version of Gotcha Equines, but I  found out the hard way they are nothing like Gotcha Equine's products and even gave William runny manure.

I learnt a lot off Lucy and never realised how many things can effect a horses behaviour.
William was very mineral imbalanced and protein affected which had caused a number of issues, but now he's much healthier and happier.
I can't thank Lucy enough.

Kim Todd
Frankston Victoria

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