Oxalate / High Demand - ALL Vitamins + Minerals
- a balanced daily multi vitamin and chelated mineral supplement for horses in Australia grazing oxalate grass, heavy work, lactating and growing 0-24 mths. No additional calcium or lucerne is required.

A balanced blend of high quality vitamins and minerals, achieving outstanding results for horses grazing high oxalate grass, in heavy and very heavy work, lactating mares and growing horses 6-24 months. Note for horses with limited grazing on grass (not ideal) please use the dry grass dose rate. Gotcha Equine Oxalate/High Demand can be fed all year round.

Oxalate/High Demand is not just a 'feed balancer' but also takes into account what horses need to counter balance the problems that lush green high oxalate grass can cause, greatly assisting 'grass affected' horses.

Benefits of chelated (organic) minerals. When we talk about 'chelated or organic' minerals this means the mineral is already attached to an amino acid.

  • They are ready for immediate absorption
  • They are not available to attach to other minerals, thereby interfering with their absorption
  • This does not mean that 'inorganic or non chelated' is bad! High quality forms are very beneficial

Major advantages. Combining Gotcha Equine Oxalate/High Demand with plain feeds like white chaffs & beets, grain for energy (heavy work or to add weight), is an economical way to feed your horse and with the added convenience of NOT having to add any additional calcium, biotin, copper or zinc. Contact Gotcha Equine for a simple feed plan.

Calcium and magnesium work together and are vital for healthy muscles, bones, digestive health and many other processes in the horse’s body. Calcium and magnesium assist in the prevention of weak bones, leg splints, lameness including choppy short strides, allowing the horse to have it's full scope of movement. High levels of bioavailable vitamins and minerals are important to help negate grass related problems.

Gotcha Equine Oxalate/High Demand - ALL Vitamins + Minerals

  • Contains ALL the major antioxidants: vitamins A,C,D, E and selenium for optimal health.
  • Contains MSM. Horses respond exceptionally well to the organic form of sulphur – MSM
  • Organic chromium along with magnesium play an important role in metabolising glucose (sugar)
  • Contributes to healthy skin, enhanced coat colour and shine, healthy growing hooves, plus better performance

Salt:  This product does not contain high levels of salt. Horses in moderate to heavy and very heavy work, sweating or grazing Kikuyu may need extra salt (sodium). Refer to Gotcha Equine feeding plan or contact us.

Vitamins and minerals are best replenished daily as they have a role in maintaining optimum health and behaviour. From years of experience we have found the best strategy for solving problems is to firstly ensure you are feeding the horse according to their needs, then reassess what problems you have left after a month or two.

IMPORTANT: If grazing low oxalate grasses, and horse is at rest / retired or up to moderate work, stallion, pregnant mare (up to 9 mths) and growing over 24 months of age then use Gotcha Equine ALL Vitamins + Minerals - Feed Balancer instead of Oxalate/High Demand.


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