DECRON Osmotic Gel
- 200ml Tube

The Decron Osmotic Gel assists in the management of:

• Hoof Problems including mild laminitis

• Open wounds, inflammation and bruising

• Sprains, Strains & Muscular aches and pains


The benefits and features of the Decron Osmotic Gel:

• Fast and effective healing qualities. The Decron Osmotic gel assists in reducing inflammation and infection in the hoof.

• Relieves pressure from the hoof encouraging a laminitic horse to move around, which boosts circulation to the hooves. The gel draws the bruising from the soles which is beneficial to the horse with this condition.

• The Decron Osmotic Gel can be applied to an open wound. The Gel creates a warm moist environment which promotes healing of the wound and encourages new skin to grow.

• The Decron Osmotic Gel may restrict the amount of proud flesh on the wound during the healing process.

• Apply the Decron Osmotic Gel to Sprains, Strains & Muscular aches and pains - heat from the Decron Gel promotes increased blood flow and healing of a strained muscle.

All natural ingredients:

Glycerine, Lavender Oil, Melaleuca Oil, Arnica

The essential oils in the Decron osmotic gell, has natural antiseptic and healing properties.