5L Omega Oils
- Blend of Omega 3, 6 & 9 in correct ratio's for horses & ponies

Omega Oils in the correct ratio's benefit all horses and ponies, particularly those that may not have access to pasture full time or very limited access to pasture.

Can help to keep horses calmer, improve learning and may reduce inflammation and improve healing, plus they love the taste.

Introduce slowly over 10 days and please read the full label.

Dose 50ml twice a day for a 500kg horse.

Adjust dose according to horse or ponies needs e.g.. Reduce dose rate for horses or ponies that may be too over weight.

Contains: Omega-3 40% approx.    Omega-6 20% approx.     Omega-9 30% approx.

Store under 30ºC & away from direct sunlight

Clean feed bins & water troughs regularly as water

can cause oil to become rancid after a week