DECRON Hoof Gell & Pads Pack
- 200ml Tube Osmotic Gell & 5 Hoof Pads

• The Decron Hoof Gel allows up to five treatments from each 200ml tube.

• The Decron Hoof Gel Pad is shaped to the horse’s hoof and can be cut to size if required.

• The Decron Hoof Gel & Pad Pack ensures a no mess application and a successful outcome.

• Fast and effective healing qualities. The Decron Hoof Gel & Pads assists in drawing out inflammation and infection from the hoof caused by Hoof Abscess, Corns, Nail puncture, Thrush or Sole Bruises.

• The Decron Hoof Gel & Pads Pack is so effective that at least 90% of hoof issues show improvement after the first treatment.

Apply the Decron Hoof Gel Pad for 24 hours.

Apply a second Decron Hoof Gel Pad for a further 24 to 48 hours.

All natural ingredients:

Glycerine, Lavender Oil, Melaleuca Oil, Arnica

The essential oils in the Decron osmotic gell, has natural antiseptic and healing properties.